Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dear Santa,

Christmas time is here again, a beautiful time of year.
Where voices rise with Christmas cheer.
The dark world bright with twinkling light,
yet love and kindness are the greatest sight.
A time to remember the Christ child sent to earth.
changing each and every heart with His birth
He who came here to live, die and live again
to save the world , each of us from sin.

So dear Santa for Christmas I don't ask much,
but help me give to those in need of lunch.
Help me see and hear the great and small
and give to them as He did for us all.
I may not be called to hang on a tree
but help me live that all may see,
A reflection and ember of He
who taught us how to live and be!

Ok, so maybe there is one thing I'd like to see
underneath my Christmas tree
For Christmas I'd like a diamond ring,
a husband for Christmas, that's a good thing.

Love Always,

Monday, December 1, 2008

Paws & Pals

So my roommate got a teacup chiuaua puppy and I told her well it looks like your going to start blogging. She laughed at me but lets be honest there seems to be two main reasons my friends have started blogging - kids or puppies. Now don't get me wrong I don't pretend that's everyone or that's the only reason, but I figures it was blog worthy to make it on my blog. So here's our new butler (that's what my roommate calls our puppy).

Hi! I'm Mr. Bono, the butler.

What's up Foo?!

First encounter.... Mr. Bono meets Dutch

Checking each other out.

Bunny and doggy paws make pet pals...... in there super cute shirts. P.S. I sure love my cute fluffy bunny Dutch. he is such a snuggler and lets face it I'm a cuddle bug!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving - an attitude of gratitude

I am so grateful to be in a nation that has a national holiday of gratitude. I know of no other nation that has such a holiday. Gratitude is such an important thing, a trait not easy to acquire, a characteristic of God. President Hinckley said that we were to be a positive people, cheerful and hopeful. I think negativity is easy to creep into our lives, our language, and our hearts.... and in doing so it keeps us from God. I think the cure and the secret to being positive and happy is simple, be grateful. In fact it's so simple it's hard. I remember there was one time in HS I, being a teenager was angry at my dad for who knows what. I went to my room and began to write in my journal, but instead of writing my bitter feelings I began to write all thinks I loved and was grateful for, what an amazing experience bringing an increase of love. Later when I was in Junior Miss I remember feeling so grateful and blessed that I couldn't think of anything I wanted to fast for come Fast Sunday. I just felt I had nothing I could ask for, so I had a gratitude fast. I wasn't sure it was "legal" but it felt right. It was one of the most amazing fasts I've ever had. All in all I am amazed at the power gratitude.I think there is little powerful than the power to change hearts, a power found in Christ. So this season my prayer and hope is to find the courage and faith in Christ to be more grateful. To find gratitude instead of negativity, self pity or disdain. To let gratitude help me find and come closer to my Savior!

Here are some pictures I have from this weekend! And People I'm grateful for.

The true way to a boys heart -----------food!

Beautiful ladies!!!

Attach by Strings, Held Together with Heart

Every year since before we could walk we have been part of a family tradition started by my grandma Joy - our cousin puppet show. One of the greatest parts each year is the rising generation taking part.
My nephews taking getting ready to take their turn in the spotlight. Aren't they cute! They did such a good job!

I love this tradition and I love most of all what's this tradition has done. Brought us together, that's the purpose of tradition.

Jingle Bell Squawk! And our little helper!

Peek a Boo! Sorry that Wistle number looks confusing....santa? mouse?

Monday, November 17, 2008

What is a Heritage Maker?

There is a quote from Hitch that I love "Life isn't about the amounts of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away." I love this quote because I think that's really what life is about. But not only in making those memories but keeping them, sharing them and passing them down. But not only is about creating and remembering those moments it's also what make each person them. It's our values, our self esteem, dreams, our hope, our names, our family, our future, our past, our now. It is who we are. Our heritage is who and where we come from, but it's also who we are and who we want to be. It is the values, self esteem, and hope see in our children's eyes and in the prayers we offer in their behalf. By making books and helping others make theirs I feel it is a small way toward "Preserving the stories of the pictures of our life's", capturing our past of who we are and where we came from the values and lessons of generations, our now of the moments we create and memories we make, the hope and value we place in the future each child at a time. All of us are heritage makers. I am proud to say I am a Heritage Maker!

Me again! Blogging day 2.

I just like this picture so I thought I would add it to here too. I still have a lot to learn about blogging. So any helpful tips and tricks send them my way, please. I read my blog and realized that maybe a few of you don't know about me or what I'm up to lately. So here it is: I am here in AZ. I live in a cute 3 bedroom condo with Melissa and Heidi and it's great! It's close to my parents which is great. I teach dance 3 days a week, I love ballroom dancing and I love sharing and teaching my passion to others (and I'll be honest I think I do a good job too). I also am a personal publishing consultant for Heritage Makers and I love it. What does that mean? I do workshops to help others be able to preserve their memories, pictures, and stories in beautifully bound books. It is so easy and fun! I love the company too they're innovated and personal they have a product of the future with a heart of the past.
My family's growing yet I am still praying for a family of my own. All in all life is good!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why Heritage?

With all the Oprah Hype many people ask why heritage? It's not the cheapest I know. The truth I believe is simple: you get what you pay for. I decided to give one of our competitors a chance and what I found was interesting. First of all, I found they have a fun few products we don't and I may be visiting them again. I created a book of one of my family trips in the other program and a family trip of Heidi's on Heritage. Both took me the same amount of time. I started from scratch from uploading the pictures to publish. There are so many small differences, but what it came down to in the end was the options HM offered. I am so grateful to be part of such a great and revolutionary company!
I am embedding a copy of the book I did for Heidi below, so check it out, it was done in our free basic program and took not much more than hour. The other picture (above) is a sample of what I did for my family.